Your soon to be favorite podcast that discusses all things television. Join Am and Jo while they watch, praise and critique  televisions shows. This is not your avearage recap show! They believe that great art reflects life. They reveiw shows and compare them to real life. Then take it a step further and breakdown character motivations, storylines and episode lessons. If you find yourself obessing about TV Shows/Characters or having "AH-HA" moments this is the show FOR YOU! 

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Meet The Team



 Honest am - Writer/Host

Am is a writer, reader and self-proclaimed television critic. Her all-time favorite shows include Game of Thrones, Girlfriends, Sex in the City, and True Blood.  Her favorite book is the entire Harry Potter series.



Tae Whitney – Producer

Tae is a music producer, artist and lover of hip-hop. His favorite shows include Any Given Wednesday and Leftovers. His current favorite album is Frank Ocean “Blonde”.

Jo - Host

Jo is a god-mommy of three, mentor and lover of quotes. Her all-time favorite shows include Living Single, A Different World and The Game (before BET ruined it).
“Don’t live the same year seventy-five times and call it life” Robin Sharma.



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